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Are you like me, constantly running in circles, trying to accomplish 100 tasks at once? Always putting yourself second (or last) to everyone else? I hear you, isn't that fun? Our genuine care for others is a gift, and paying it forward is what makes our love cycle spin! But it took me years to discover the importance of pampering and nurturing my own body and spirit. When I did, it enabled me to return that care to others in a more impactful way, because the way you treat yourself radiates to how you treat others.

My name is Natalia Millsap. I spent almost 30 years working with high-end beauty brands, like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel in Europe and the United States. It was indeed a lot of fun to be an insider of fashion and beauty world that taught me so much...

Then, I got pregnant with my first nearly 40 years old. And just like that, my world changed. A calling to use my experience and passion to create a solution that would cater to other women facing the same stage of life. The time of new discoveries and self transformation.

I know what you’re thinking – starting a business while pregnant isn’t the most practical decision, but it was like a magical hormone tapped just the right part of my brain. I suddenly found myself facing a door of opportunities, self-discovery and motivation. And that shiny bright light of possibilities on the other side was too alluring to pass up. Overnight I became an entrepreneur, a mad scientist and Queen of my own destiny.


After months of research, testing and guidance with several industry-leading chemists, I designed a line of organic and natural skin care that would respond to both of my needs. Sweetsation Therapy became the first organic and natural anti-aging skin care line safe for mothers-to-be and I wanted to share it with the world.





Eleven years and another pregnancy later, my products have naturally evolved with my lifestyle and that of my customers.

Now, Sweetsation Therapy offers an array of products, from anti-aging solutions to at-home spa treatments. The development and production process is led by a simple standard: find the planet’s safest, most effective ingredients and turn them into formulas that create powerful results for your body, mind and spirit. Each ingredient is chosen both for its functional and its sensory properties. That’s why it takes 6 to 12 months to develop a new formula – but the wait is so worth it. This abundance of natural, active botanicals results in products that pamper while they nourish and soothe your skin.


I invite you to discover Sweetsation! Learn about the ingredients we use. See behind-the-scenes images in our Instagram page.

Most importantly, while you look around, take a few moments to check in with yourself. Isn’t it time to treat yourself with the same care and indulgence you provide for others? I certainly think so – and I want to provide you with the tools to make it happen.





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