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What is this?

This is a rewards program where you can earn points for engaging with our site. You can use those points to get discounts as rewards.


How does it work?

After joining our rewards program, you will start earning Gold points and Blue points, and those points can then be redeemed for coupon code discounts towards your next order.

Okay, how can I start earning points?

You can earn Gold points and Blue points for all sorts of activities:

BLUE POINTS  are earned by visiting our website daily, following us on social media, sharing our product pages on social networks like Facebook, writing product reviews, subscribing to our newsletter, etc.

x GOLD POINTS  are earned every time you buy something - you will get 1 Gold point for every $1 spent. It's that easy.


Where can I view how many points I have?

Your points balance is shown on the bar at the bottom of every page, and is also visible in the top-right corner of this popup window.


Where can I see available rewards?

Click above on a tab called "Available rewards". There you will see all rewards in our rewards program. The ones that are unavailable due to low amount of points will be in a grey colour, while the ones that are available will be in color. If you have enough points, you can click on a "Redeem" button to receive a coupon code in the shown discount amount.


"I have not received points for my order"

Please allow up to 24 hours from the time your order is marked as shipped for gold points to be automatically added to your balance


I received a coupon code - how to use it?

Congratulations! Upon placing your next order, copy/paste the coupon code you have received into an appropriate field during the checkout process.


Does it cost me anything to be a member?

No. It is completely free to be a member of our rewards program.


Will my points ever expire?

No. Your points will never expire.


How do you deal with privacy?

Customers' privacy is one of our top priorities, which is why it is made sure that all customer data related to our rewards program is kept highly secured on the encrypted US-based servers of our rewards program technology provider Loyalis Technologies, Inc..

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