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Hapy Mother's Day!

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on

Hello Beautiful,

Happy approaching Mother's Day to you! Make it a great one! Being a mother myself, I have grown to learn that all women are essentially mothers. All as one, without any exceptions. Our nurturing quality makes us this way. Whether it is to our children, pets or even to our own husbands. We employ our gifts of care and nurture to take care of everyone. Often forgetting about our own needs. Putting ourselves last. And not expecting any gratitude in return. I love being a mother to my two kiddos, my two precious boys (4 and 9) whose cuteness is proportionate to the mess they create on every square foot of living space. And I wouldn't have it any other way....

But as the Mother's day approaching, I reflect on the times when I was a child myself. A child of a wonderful woman called Alexandra, my mom. I have lost her last year to pancreatic cancer....... Noone could see that coming and she was stolen from me way too early and unexpected. I know that she is always with me in spirit, but still, I am left with an excruciating pain and emptiness of loss, and an odd feeling of immediate maturing from a perpetual child to an adult. With a lot of great memories, I remain with a lot of regretful thoughts of not having told her often enough how much I loved her. Not having shown her enough how much I appreciated all she did for me and my sister and sacrifices she made to make our lives better. It is due to her hard work and unconditional love I am the person I am today. And, oh boy, do I feel guilty for all the pain I have caused her while growing up. All that horrific nonsense I was coming up being a teenager and thinking that I was smarter than anyone. Now, I would give anything to do over for those times and give myself some good spanking. She was the person who patiently listened to my struggles when I was just starting my business, giving me advice. And always was super encouraging and supportive. I miss her so much. If I can be half as great mom to my kids, I would consider myself accomplished.

I have found this old photo in my mom's things. It's me and my sister on her lap being as young as one of my sons now. Although I wouldn't place bets on who is who. We are twins. Oftentimes even our mom couldn't tell us apart. And we always wore the same clothes :)

If you still have your mom, tell her today, tomorrow, and every day, how much you LOVE her, appreciate her and value her. Give her as many hugs as you can. Everything in life comes and goes, but MOM is only one.

Pamper her with something good. Give her a facial, a foot rub or hand massage. Or if you are not close by, just send her a gift. Enjoy 20% OFF your purchase TODAY with the code 'MOM'. All orders placed with this promotion will be upgraded to Priority 2 days shipping to get there in time for the Mother's day.


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