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Don’t be afraid to age, even celebrities do. Or do they?

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The aging is inevitable. How do you feel about yourself and how you look? I am going to talk about all the celebrities who have aged “gracefully” over the years. Of course, these type of articles are always a little bit unfair because it is all about the opinion of the writer. However, the purpose of this article is to address the issue we all have. It is our fear of aging. Not right away of course. As teenagers we don’t even think of it, we go through our teens and early 20’s humming the song: - "We are young.. we are free....", not even considering all the things we are exposing our skin to. We think that we will never get old. That process is for someone else, like our parents, right? We believe anyone over the age of 30 is considered old and ancient. However, as soon as you start to reach the 30-year-old threshold or find that first wrinkle, then you can feel father time right over your shoulder and there you are, already there, and haven't even noticed...






The best years of my life are behind me..

Those are the thoughts that might be running through your mind, but THEY ARE WRONG! Let me give you an example.

A few years ago, I would watch “The Golden Girls”. At the time I had no idea who Betty White was or who she was to the entertainment world, but I remember thinking how beautiful and gracious she was. I hoped that when I was her age I looked as beautiful as she did. I look at her now, years later, and she looks as amazing now as she did then. This woman ages beautifully. She is 93! But what a spirit! Could we all hope to look this amazing at her age? I can only hope. I think of her when I go out in the sun and whenever I take care of my skin and hair.

There are many female celebrities that are aging gracefully and many of them are doing it without the use of extreme treatments or plastic surgery.

Kate Winslet is 39 and it appears that she refuses to age. She was around 22 when she did Titanic and she doesn’t look much different now. It's been 17 years....

Guess how old Salem Hayek is? Go ahead take a guess. She’s 49. 49! She looks like she should still get carded for alcohol.

Jamie Lee Curtis is 56 and has looked amazing for what seems like forever.

Jennifer Anniston has been a mark of style and beauty since she came on the scene with ‘Friends’. (Remember the Rachel haircut?) Now she is 46 and it seems that she just keeps getting more and more beautiful every year.

Sandra Bullock is even older than Jennifer Anniston. She is 51. I was surprised too. I wouldn’t have taken her for any older than 40 and that is only because I can remember how long I’ve been watching her movies. Remember the 'Vanishing' and 'Love potion No9'? Great movies.

As “normal” women (and I use normal because we don’t have teams of people to make us look beautiful like celebrities) we don’t have the luxury of running to a top notch dermatologist when we have a skin emergency. We are full time moms, wives, business women, sisters, friends, and leaders. We have to lean on the internet, common sense and on a good line of products that we can trust our skin to.

You no longer need to shake your fist at the sky yelling “WHY GOD WHY?” every year on your birthday. There is no need to stay in your house hiding from the world wondering where the next wrinkle will make its next appearance.

Welcome your age and embrace your skin ladies. You’ll never be as young and beautiful as you are today.

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