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Do Your Skin A Favor: Exfoliate!

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on

Sure, washing your face every night gets rid of some of the dirt and oil that's collected during the day. But, isn't there more you can do to maintain a healthy complexion? There certainly is!

Regardless of your skin type, regularly exfoliating can keep your complexion clear, fresh and fabulous. When you exfoliate, you are scrubbing away all of the dead skin cells that have built up over time. By ridding your face of those pore-clogging particles, you are uncovering a radiant new layer of skin that is more susceptible to lotions, moisturizers and other skin care products. After exfoliation, you will notice your skin feels cleaner and looks brighter because it speeds up the skin's renewal process. As the dead cells are sloughed off, smooth and healthy new cells are generated to keep your skin looking luminous. Exfoliating can also ease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while improving the overall health of your skin.

There are all sorts of exfoliation treatments and products, from extreme to simple, but all play a vital role in personal skin care. Whether you decide to treat yourself to a chemical peel at a local spa or simply purchase a new loofah for your shower, you will reap many benefits of the exfoliation process. With facial exfoliation, once you've unclogged those pores that have built up all that dead skin, you are drastically reducing the risk of blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes. All those dead cells can also build up and make pores appear larger, but a good scrubbing helps minimize pores and refine your skin's appearance.

No matter what age, every woman wants a healthy, youthful look. A great way to do this is to find skin care products that can cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. Sweetsation Therapy's Very Berry Oxygen Masque & Scrub combines the benefits of exfoliating with a gentle cleanser. Brimming with vitamins and antioxidants, this masque and scrub will leave your skin looking and feeling like new. While vitamin C reduces the appearance of sunspots and organic honey refreshes and rejuvenates, dozens of natural oils work to eliminate dead skin and reveal a dazzling complexion without drying your skin. With hints of vanilla and lavender, jasmine and chamomile and dozens of fruit extracts, this scrub also serves as a delightful aromatherapy aid.

If your skin care routine just involves a quick cleanse at night, it's time to up the ante on your beauty regimen! Add exfoliation to your schedule three to four times a week or once daily, depending on your specific needs. Be careful, because it is possible to overdo it. Too much exfoliation can actually damage the incoming cells and cause chaffed, irritated skin. When you use a product like Sweesation Therapy's Very Verry Oxygen Masque & Scrub you are combining cleansing and exfoliating properties that will certainly leave you feeling refreshed. Exfoliate for healthier skin--and put your best face forward.

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