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Beauty myths you probably believed

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To achieve the best results, I need to create my skin care regime using products from the same line?

Not necessarily. Not every line can offer the exact products to address an issue at hand. There could be other factors too, like scent, price or ingredients that may not be suitable for personal reasons. Different brands have different ‘star’ products and may excel in different areas. There is absolutely no valid reasons to be limited by one brand only.

I can get rid of cellulite entirely.

Sadly, cellulite is a complicated multifaceted problem. While cellulite may be improved temporarily by any number of products or treatments, as well as exercise, there is currently nothing that will permanently get rid of it.

If I buy a product endorsed by a celebrity, I will look as great as them.

False advertising rules the world. Yes, we all see many A-list celebrities demonstrate on TV all kinds of skin care products while making you believe that that very product they show you IS the answer to their timeless beauty, wrinkle-less skin and rosy glow. How many times we fall for that, ready to rush out the door to get that product? And while the product they demonstrate and endorse may or may not be the next breakthrough in the beauty industry, keep in mind that celebrities on TV get so heavily protoshopped, that it will make you believe that at any age they still look like they are in their 20s.

My mother had a great skin. My skin will also be great, so I don’t have to put much effort. Beauty is inherited with the genetics.

That is not so. While some of the genetics do play a role, researchers believe that as little as 3% of the skin aging process is caused by genetic factors, and 97% accounts to external factors like lifestyle.

Neck and Décolletage skin doesn’t need any special attention.

Not so. The neck and décolletage are the extension of our face and those areas are being exposed to the environment in the same way all day long. As well as being seen by others at the same time as our faces. There is a saying: - 'If you want to know the age of a woman, look at her neck'. We like to say that our face starts with our chest area and up. When you apply a skin care product, just start with your chest and go up.

Cold water or ice closes pores.

What a fantasy. Our pores are not doors. They cannot open and close. When we have a facial, the steam loosens up the dirt inside the pores, making the extraction easier. And once the pores are clean, they will appear smaller. Naturally. Silicon based products can make pores appear smaller, and skin smoother, but it's only a visual effect.

I should wash my face properly in the am and pm.

Not necessarily. If you want to keep your skin in the best condition possible, it is imperative to take all your make up off before you go to bed. And even double cleanse if you wear heavy or long lasting makeup. There is no real need, however, to go through the same vigorous cleansing procedure in the morning again. Assuming you are not camping outdoors overnight, rinsing your skin with a water or a toner would be enough for your morning beauty routine.

If I want to repair my brown spots fast, all I need is the most concentrated product I can find.

Such belief can set you up for a disappointment. Repairing uneven skin including brown spots is a lengthy process. The answer lies not with the strength of the product, although well balanced actives would surely help. But mostly with the physiology of your skin. Skin cells are living organisms. It takes time for the damaged cells to be replaced with the new ones, through desquamation process. Such cycle takes on average around 30 days. There is no quick solution for this skin care concern. Once you see the brown spots, the damage is already many layers deep. All you need it time+good repair product+SPF+discipline. And did you notice that #1 in this line was TIME?

If I have an oily skin, I should not use oils on my skin.

False. Quite the opposite. Our skin needs water and oil for healthy functioning. Sebum is our skin’s natural moisturizer. If the skin ‘feels’ not enough lubricated it starts producing oil. Trying to strip the oils off the oily skin with an alcohol or other harsh products will kick it in overdrive and it will start producing more oil to compensate. Applying non-comedogenic light oils instead will ‘tell’ your skin that there is enough lubrication and in return it will produce less oil.

Our skin absorbs 60% of everything we apply on it.

That is a myth that's been going around for a long time. Our skin can absorb some of it, none of it or all of it. Or how would you explain that we don’t become 50lbs heavier every time we take a shower? What and how much our skin absorbs depends on molecular size of an ingredient applied, the delivery mechanism, overall health of your skin, environment and area of application. Carrier oils and butters mostly remain on the surface of our skin creating occlusive layer that prevents moisture loss. While essential oils and water based ingredients absorb better and depending on delivery system used can penetrate all the way to the dermis and reach bloodstream. Nobody, however, was able to conduct a recordable study on how much our skin can absorb and give it a number.

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