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Be all you can be on Valentine's Day!

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Is it the 5th already today? Where did the Holidays go? But still, Happy New Year to everyone!!! It's just started, and we all secretly dream about bigger and better things to happen this year. Do you want to get involved in a new business project? Travel overseas? Learn a new skill? Practice a healthier lifestyle habits? Vacation on Bora Bora sounds pretty good too. Oh, wait, that's what I am dreaming about.... Will have to update my vision board. What is your biggest wish for the new year? Anything outside of the 'ordinary'?

I am generally not a superstitious person, but growing up in Europe, one superstition I've got accustomed to believe (because everyone else did) was -  the way how you celebrate the New Year, that's the way you will spend the entire year. Sounds pretty threatening, right? Whether you wanted or not, but you had to put an effort to make it big and sparkly. And according to our festivities here at the office, the new 2016 should be just that - big and sparkly, and very exciting!

Sparkles, glitter and sequins are always great and aside of diamonds, are also a girl's good friend. But do you remember what holiday is next? That's right. It's Valentine's Day. It's only about 5 weeks to go and we need to be ready, right?  And we have something for you that will make you completely irresistible in every way. 

Allure Deluxe Roseraie Resurfacing Body Polish and Hydrator

Why it is so fantastic? The obvious first - It's PINK. It combines 3 products in one. It's a body scrub/polish, a moisturizer, a treatment and a fragrance in one. It's an ultimate solution for an uplifting, refreshing full body exfoliation and hydration. It’s an unrivaled deluxe treatment for supremely soft and deliciously scented skin. Exfoliating particles of sugar and salt gently buff away dry skin cells while improving circulation and stimulate cellular regeneration. Shea butter and Coconut oil revitalize skin cells with vitamins and nutrients and remain on the skin after you rinse it off, leaving your skin baby soft, moisturized, fresh, radiant, and silky smooth.

Extra benefit. The formula is further enriched with Caffeine, Seaweed, Butcher's Broom, Juniper, Bladderwrack and Horse Chestnut to detoxify the system, increase circulation, improve skin tone and reduce appearance of cellulite overtime.

Aromatherapy and sexifying benefit. Valentine's Date - here I come! Infused with delicious and irresistible Absolutes of Rose and Vanilla, scent of which will remain on your skin, uplifting your senses and awakening your inner Goddess. It smells THAT delicious and your guy will not be able to stay away, which is the whole point, right?

Eco friendly. All natural. No artificial fragrances. Not tested on animals. It can be yours today.

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