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Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Everyone has heard the dreaded question, "You look terrible. Did you get enough sleep last night?" You quickly say that of course you did and then run to the mirror to see what they are talking about. Do you have bags under your eyes, lack luster skin, saggy skin, dark circles? Lack of sleep causes your blood vessels to dilate. [...]

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Do Your Skin A Favor: Exfoliate!

Sure, washing your face every night gets rid of some of the dirt and oil that's collected during the day. But, isn't there more you can do to maintain a healthy complexion? There certainly is!Regardless of your skin type, regularly exfoliating can keep your complexion clear, fresh and fabulous. When you exfoliate, you are scrubbing away all of the [...]

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Why You Should Use Organic and Natural Skin Care Products

Organic isn’t just a label for food products; it’s a way of life. Eating organically means you’re putting healthy nutrients in your body and opting to forgo chemicals and additives used in regular food items. But your organic lifestyle doesn’t have to end there. Just as you wouldn’t fill your body up with junk and harmful things, the same [...]

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Why Vitamins are Essential for a Healthy Skin

Our skin needs certain vitamin supplements which are necessary to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. We all know that eating a well balanced diet is essential, because consuming a number of healthy meals, loaded with nutrients, helps maintain your skin health and helps it glow. But, the truth of the matter is that, the human body can only provide [...]

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Do you create your own wrinkles?

Yes, quite likely.  By applying your eye treatment the wrong way, among other causes.  What causes wrinkles around your eyes?  A lot of things.  Passage of time is not the only cause of wrinkle formation under the eyes.  Excessive sun exposure, squinting, smiling, smoking, muscle movement, and injuries also cause facial wrinkles.  If [...]

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