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Are natural ingredients always better?

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on 14th Nov 2019

And the dialog is still open whether natural cosmetics are better than conventional, not so natural. Many ask to confirm if natural cosmetics are safe and better to use? Being the owner of a natural skin care brand I wholeheartedly want to say that YES – natural is always better. But in reality, there is more than one shade of green. Here I will tell you about times when natural cosmetics are in fact not safer than their synthetic alternative...
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Go for the GLOW!

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on 15th Oct 2019

The cooler days are here and autumn leaves begin to fall. The nature completes its yet another cycle. Peel season and the need for skin correction might be in the forefront of many minds. The quest for flawless, youthful-looking skin is ever present. Achieving bright, beautiful skin takes conditioning and correction. Healthy melanocyte activity is the key to prevent future pigment formation such as age spots, melasma and environmental damage...
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Natural and Organic. What is the differnce?

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on 24th Aug 2019

So what is the difference between Natural and Organic?These two terms have been loosely used and overused for a while now. Natural ingredient is an ingredient that was manufactured from a tree or bush or from something that was previously growing from the earth (a plant material). Generally, when people see a product that is labeled ‘natural’, first thing that comes to mind is that the formula is made of nature derived ingredients entir...
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Everything you always wanted to know about Vitamin C

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on 18th Oct 2018

Vitamin C has been all the hype in the resent years claiming to do a lot for the skin beauty. Many companies compete for leadership by including higher content of Vitamin C in their products and then making it a prominent part in their marketing. This however creates more questions than answers. So what is Vitamin C and what does it do?There are many kinds of Vitamin C on the market and with an ongoing research new derivatives of Vitamin C...
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Earthing for the total well-being

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on 20th Aug 2018

Feeling out of sorts lately? Then try Earthing. Earthing is a grounding exercise that reconnects you to the Earth. Research shows that Earthing reduces inflammation by scavenging free radicals. Earthing means connecting your physical body (skin layer) to the Earth. A growing body of research suggests that Earthing helps naturally heal humans from a wide variety of ailments.Grounding techniques of Earthing is a way of:Quieting and clea...
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