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10 Years of delivering Beauty. It's a big deal.

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on

Hello Beautiful,

Do you think 10 years is a long time? I think so. And yet it feels like it just flew by. When I started Sweetsation Therapy, I was pregnant with my first son. Frankly, I didn't know how it all would work out and I didn't have any business running experience to account for. But jumped all into it with an excitement and never looked back. All or nothing. What the heck is there to lose, right? And our Ellasti'Belly Caviar was my very first launch. And it's still a best seller that have been praised for leaving new moms stretch-mark free. It was an adventure full of ups and downs. Still is, every day. And this April we are very excited to celebrate our 10 year Anniversary! A decade! So much has happened during this time. So much exciting growth and learning. And so many new products and plans for the future.

Just the other day I was reflecting on the past years and remember how we started. I came across my computer files with our very first product labels and images and actually rolled my eyes and laughed. They were so awful. Who possibly could have liked "that"? Kind of embarrassing even. But surprisingly, many did, and here we are 10 years later. Imaging has improved since then I think.:)

There were many times when we were so busy that I was worried that we will not be able to keep up. And then there were slow times when I was afraid that nobody will ever buy anything from me ever again....

Little did I know that running your own business as a well oiled machine involves so many moving parts. During these years, I have learned a lot of new useful skills. I've become a business strategist, bookkeeper, photographer, image editor, copy writer, customer service expert, product formulator, web designer, inventory controller, self 'help' motivator and baby sitter to my kids. Now 2. My friends always wonder when do I rest? But what is the actual rest? When you are enjoying what you are doing, it doesn't feel like work. I like my hobbies of gardening and gold leafing and that helps me to unwind. I love my large collection of crystals that helps me to ground, meditate, focus and relax. Having a business is tough, but so fulfilling in many ways.....

And now I am happy to announce our Anniversary BOGO event. It will take place on April 25th (12am to 11.59pm EST) Rules are the same. Everything you put in your cart will magically double. Except limited edition items. Due to the magnitude of this event and the weight of additional items that will be shipped, there will be a flat shipping fee of $13 regardless of the size of the order. This is the only time our regular free shipping will not apply. During this promotion no discounts codes or coupons will be accepted.
Have fun, stock up, get a Mother's day gift for a woman in your life. And we can't wait to serve your beauty needs and celebrate!


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