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Step by step. How to layer your skin care products.

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According to a very popular beauty and lifestyle magazine, most of the female consumers own over 100 beauty products at any given time, but for one or another reason have no idea how to correctly use them and when to apply them. And the collection grows. The reason for all this confusion is very simple – too many products on the market. And not only many, but most of them pretty fancy, going along with very elaborate suggested routines where 10+ products are used in one go. You are probably guessing what beauty wave I am talking about. But is it necessary?

Let’s first examine your bathroom cabinet. What do you find there?

Cleansers – They can be in a form of a soap bars, foaming and non-foaming gels or milks. They also can be as one quick step, like micellar waters and also in a form of an oil and balm-to-milk. Toners can also be put into a category of cleansers.

Exfoliators – They divide only into two categories: physical or chemical. Physical exfoliants contain abrasive particles, like powdered nut shells, rice, luffa, jojoba beads and other non-dissolving material. Chemical exfoliants are based on AHA or BHA acids.

Serums – Usually they come as liquid water based gel formulations, of various viscosities. In the same category we can put Essences also. To put it simply, they are essentially the same as serums, concentrated active boosters targeting various skin concerns, but more liquid and often come in spray bottles as mists. Serums can be used to treat multitude of skin issues like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin and signs of premature aging.

Moisturizers – They are perhaps the most explored and popular category of skin care. They could be in a form of gels, cream-gels, light lotions and heavy creams.

Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated and definitely doesn’t need to engage in long routines. Who has the time to spend an hour in front of the mirror twice a day, when there is such a beautiful world to be discovered out there?

So let’s dive into it.

It’s pretty simple, actually. At the base of a great clear skin lies proper and quality cleansing. There is no way around it. So…

Step 1. – Cleansing. Cleanse your skin twice a day. Especially at night. As we go about our business, our skin gets exposed to dirt, pollution, smoke. And of course, make up has to be taken off at night. Depending on the type of makeup you wear and how long lasting and smudge resistant it is, double cleansing your skin can be beneficial. If your skin is oily, consider foaming gel cleansers. If your skin is dry, creamy, non-foaming or balm-to-milk cleansers would be a great option. Complete your cleansing with a suitable toner.

Step 2. – Serum/Essence. Serums are concentrated nutrient boosters that target a specific concern. They contain a higher percentage of actives than moisturizers and will help feed your skin with specific ingredients targeted for your specific skin concern.

Step 3. – Moisturizer. Serums are water based in most cases and lack lipids that our skin needs for an optimal health. This is why moisturizers are necessary. They add lipids to your skin that create a protective layer on the surface of the skin and prevent loss of moisture. As well as of course make our skin feel soft, smooth and comfortable. Eye creams fall into the category of moisturizers. Apply a suitable product am and pm to protect the delicate eye area.

Step 3a. – Sunscreen/Moisturizer. The sun is a major contributor towards premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention unsightly brown spots, melasma and skin unevenness. This is one item that has to be an essential part of your daily routine. Regardless of weather or season.

These 3 steps are the fundamentals in any beauty ritual.

Other products like exfoliators and masks can be used 2-3 times a week for a quick pick-me up and more involved skin care routine. Exfoliators help to take away dead skin cells which in return helps for a better penetration and performance of products that follow.

Keep it simple and your skin will be thankful.

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