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Spring to SPRING with the SALE

Posted by Sweetsation Therapy on

Spring…. It’s here. The air feels different, flowers start blooming. And everything looks so much prettier.

When on January 1st most of us make new resolutions for the ‘new me’, for me personally it doesn’t really feel ‘new’, when it’s dark outside and nothing has changed aside of the date. But spring time does its magic and makes an impact of renewal on me. When we move the clock one hour forward and days start being longer, that’s when I am feeling more re-energized and excited. What about you?

And this year I have decided to pick up new skill and hobby – gardening. I love flowers and plants but never have been much of a gardener before and most of the plants I buy tend to well… untimely die. Whether I water them too much or not enough, who knows, it just happens. Growing plants is not as easy as it seems. This time around I’ve decided to dive all in it and commit to it.

My back yard did need some work and feeling inspired I’ve decided to change everything there, to create my personal Zen garden. After multiple trips to Home Depot, the whole past weekend was spent pulling old dried roots out and creating space for new fresh fragrant life that will be planted there. By the evening I could hardly move and I am even more in pain today. I think I’ve exercised every dormant muscle in my body that I never knew existed. But that feeling of accomplishment is indescribable.

In a conversation with one of our dear customers I’ve learned that she runs a business selling succulents. That couldn’t have been more timely. And I became her customer. In our tropical weather various species of Echeveria and Cactus Moon look so lovely and add vibrant colors that please the eye. I love my new hobby and it’s here to stay.

What is your hobby? An outlet to recharge, get inspired and creative? Share it with me. I love to hear what business you are in. I can be your customer too.

And to celebrate the spring, enjoy 20% OFF your order now. Enter code ‘SPRING’ at checkout. Promotion will run 3/19/2018 – 3/21/2018.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

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